for Nonprofit Organizations and Fundraising Consultants

Step 1
Our firm does all the administrative work of tracking deadlines and assembling the forms, financial reports, etc. in proper order.

Step 2
We review the forms so that they comply with the law and regulations.

Step 3
We email the forms to our clients in PDF format for their review and execution.

Step 4
Once the clients sign the forms, they return the forms to us and we file them along with the appropriate fee, attachment, and enclosures.

Step 5
We do a follow up to make sure your permits stay valid.

Client Services

We offer comprehensive services designed to make sure your organization complies with each jurisdiction’s statutory and regulatory regime.

The following services are included in the annual service fee for state registration clients:
Preparing required registration forms, annual financial reports, and addenda.  This includes a streamlined, orderly process that should keep your organization in compliance well in advance of any pending deadlines. Once you share all the necessary information with us, you will only need to approve and sign the completed forms.

Continuous contact with regulators.  Since we will be continually ensuring compliance, we remain in contact with each jurisdiction to keep you updated on changes in the law and to follow up on any questions regulators may have about your organization’s registration.

Keeping you abreast of disclosure requirements.  Many jurisdictions require that certain disclosures appear on printed solicitation matter and in oral solicitations.  We will make sure you know what each state requires you to disclose, and where these statements must appear. Our “disclosure memos” for standard direct mail and Internet solicitations are available at no additional charge.  Disclosure memos for other solicitations can be researched and devised at an hourly rate.

Legal research.  Clients often devise new fundraising strategies.  We can research the relevant statutes, ordinances, and rules to make sure your campaign complies with all applicable authorities.
Conflict representation.  If you have a conflict with a regulator, we will represent you at an hourly rate with the first hour free.  If a dispute with a regulator was caused by an error on our part, we will handle your entire dispute free – fortunately, we have never had that happen.
Reviewing contracts.  Many states regulate the terms and conditions that can appear in a contract between a properly registered nonprofit and its vendors.  We will review your proposed contracts to insure nationwide compliance. We can also provide you with legal representation in contract negotiations.

A dedication to customer service
Most importantly, we are dedicated to customer service.  As our client, you can expect that:
A specialist will handle your registration.  We do not rely on “canned answers” and we know that different jurisdictions will ask similar questions that should elicit different information.
Your registration forms will be filled out exactly the way you require.  We make it our business to know what the jurisdictions require and will advise you on the best way to comply with the regulations in a way that is consistent with your preferences.
Your finished forms will look neat, clean, and professional.  They will reflect positively on your organization and mission.
You will receive the forms ready for your signature well in advance of deadlines so that ample time is left for any necessary changes, and we avoid the stress of eleventh hour filings.